“The Revolution” to be included in Bartleby Snopes Issue 11


image © 2013 usbdongle

Hello, folks.  In late January 2014, Bartleby Snopes will reissue my story, “The Revolution,” in its semiannual anthology.  It will be available in PDF form, as well as print-on-demand.  Nate Tower and co. has been very gracious to me over the last couple of months–nominating “The Revolution” for a Pushcart Prize, and now this.  If you haven’t read the story already, you might as well do so now, because it seems to be pretty well liked.

Find it HERE.

Also, this is a good time to announce that the indiegogo campaign to raise money for Eddy Rathke, a writer and friend who was scammed ~$2,000 during his work as a freelance writer/editor, is now sitting at around the halfway mark.  The extra $1,000 is being used to fund an anthology, called “The Revenge of the Scammed,” slated to be released by Bartleby Snopes.  Nate Tower has been very generous in putting this together and it would be a great, generous, and admirable feat to see the indiegogo campaign succeed.  There are some great packages available for those who donate, including signed copies of books from many of indie lit’s rising stars.  Take a look HERE, and consider helping us out on this one.  Thanks!