Selected Stories

“Mr. Mishima” in Icebox Journal, Spring 2014 (Forthcoming).

“The Agent Takes the Case” in The Revenge of the Scammed Anthology [pub’d by Bartleby Snopes], March 2014 (Forthcoming).

“Pride & Disappointment” in Gone Lawn, Spring 2014.

“Shades” in Counterexample Poetics, January 2014.

“Looking for an Island” in Counterexample Poetics, January 2014.

“Capital Accumulation: A Play in 3 Acts” in theNewerYork’s The Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, January 2014

“Too Young For Loneliness” in DOGZPLOT, December 2013.

He hears a knock at the door. The music keeps playing after he leaves the bench. It’s a pizza.

“My Friend Celery” in Eunoia Review, December 2013.

When he did this I saw that there was a little green node on the crown of his head. I was sure he was an alien.

“The Balloon” in Quail Bell, September 2013.

He asked Fred if he had any kids. Fred said no, his kid was the air balloon.

“Gloams” in Gone Lawn, Autumn 2013.  (Reviewed and received positively in!)

She already knew though. She had seen the Alaskan sun on the horizon during the dives.

“New World Love” in Defenestration, August 2013.

One could apparently apply for a temporary love car, but I hadn’t gotten my mail for days. I hadn’t even left the house.

“The Moon, It Grins” in Cease, Cows, August 2013.

I tapped the A button to get through the opening screens so I could play the damn thing, so I could look up and see the Moon.

“You are John” in theNewerYork’s The Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, August 2013.

She likes to smile at you in the hallway even after you dunk your head in the toilet.  What do you want to do?

“The Revolution” in Bartleby Snopes, July 2013 [Print: Vol. 11, January 2014].  (Nominated by the editors of Bartleby Snopes for the 2014 Pushcart Prize!)

Not only that, but he was asking whether I would prefer a relationship with a fictional character over one with a real person. My skin was not only crawling but rippling.

“Empty Set” in The Fiddleback, Vol. 3, Issue 2, April 2013.

Feeling like a child for the first time since I was a child, I hopped up over memory and into the seat—the things I was worrying about before did no longer matter—we took off.

“Five Days Till Death” in Punchnel’s, January 2013.

He liked to think it didn’t matter, considering the text was the text, but he was also the text, and life beyond him would be the text after he died. He returned to his sofa and slept.

“Palette Swap” in Gone Lawn, Winter 2012.

The second meteor comes and misses her eyes, which float around her head. He does her no bodily harm. He gives up, but does not realize he has hurt her feelings.

“Kingdom” in Apocrypha and Abstractions, October 2012.

Covered in your vomit, I wake up in the rain.

“Water March” in Metazen, September 2012.

There was no choice in this. I was golden. I wished I had never been born.

“The Answer” in The Speculative Edge, Issue 2, September 2012 [Print Only].

He rubs his hands together and breathes on them.  When he puts them on his face, he can feel his regrets–he should have never left the village for supplies right before a storm.

“Cicadacide” in Short, Fast, and Deadly, August 2012.

But then I imagined cicadas growing to the size of humans the way amplified guitars grow past our ears.


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